Weight gain and hormonal imbalance has become a major problem these days. A large number of women complain of their failure to lose weight and suffer from different problems related to high cholesterol, gallbladder, pre-diabetes symptoms, fatty liver and depression. The problems become severe with growing age and weight loss is the only way of controlling the situation.

Why you need to reset hormone?

Hormone receptors or the locks of the hormones often become ineffective due to different inflammation, which is why, it is important to riser hormones. There can be several factors leading to hormone reset and some of them are listed below:

  • “Grain drain “caused from corn, barley, rye or wheat products, which have gone through genetic modification.
  • Xenoestrogens or estrogen-mimic exposure in food, environment or personal use products.
  • Eggs, dairy and meat obtained from animals that have received growth hormone treatment.
  • Caffeine, alcohol or sugar consumption
  • Consumption of high amount of fructose.
  • Sleep deprivation, EMFs, stress

Tuning up personal hormone

You can tune up your personal hormone and maintain a balance by making some changes in your everyday life. Estrogen should be given due importance as its imbalance with progesterone not only increases weight by retaining water in the body but also lead to fat accumulation around thighs and hips. This can also make the aging process faster.

Tricks to tune up clean estrogen receptor

  • Use topical progesterone cream
  • Avoid foods with high copper contain, like shellfish, chocolate, avocados, seeds and nuts.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits well before consumption as the estrogen mimicking can be detrimental.
  • Do not use plastic containers to reheat food. Drink water from bottles of stainless steel or glass instead of plastic.
  • Avoid personal use products with phthalates and parables.
  • Use cardamom as much as you can in bean dishes, chili dishes, stew or soup as this has a great ability of cleaning the liver and maintaining hormone balance.
  • Use DIM or diindolylmethane supplement of 100mg twice a day with meals.

Insulin receptors are also affected due to lifestyle problems of modern men, which in turn causes weight gain. Avoid unhealthy meals, caffeine and sugar as it affects the receptors adversely, which in turn causes fat accumulation. It also causes insulin resistance. Someone who is experiencing problems like fatigue, anxiety, stress, excess weight gain, frequent hunger or lack of motivation and focus may be suffering from problems of insulin receptors.

Tricks to tune up Insulin Receptors

  • Mix one-teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar in one glass water and drink it regularly during meals.
  • Drink hot lemon water in empty stomach instead of coffee. To lose weight, you should never go for fasting.
  • Check the UNI KEY Weight Loss Formula, which offers 400mg chromium to the body. Chromium is important for maintaining blood sugar but it is not quite high in diet. So, supplement it.
  • Replace sugar with stevia in drinks or desserts, as it reduces blood sugar level.
  • Increase the use or coriander, bay leaves, cloves and cinnamon in your diet as these helps in sugar metabolism.

Leptin or the satiety hormone can also affect your weight as its blocked receptors increases hunger prangs. To check this, one should avoid high fructose consumption and follow some simple tips.

Tricks to tune up Leptin Receptors

  • Avoid sugared drinks and processed food rich in fructose.
  • Take some protein within half an hour after you wake up. Opting some plant-based smoothie is the right choice in this regard.
  • Increase the intake of Omega fatty acids 9, 6 and 3. You can opt for oil obtained from black currant seed for boosting your metabolism, fighting inflammation, shining fingernails, skin and hair.

Cortisol receptors also play a great role in determining your weight loss process. EMF exposure, sleep deprivation and stress often activate this receptor. You may not know, sleep deprivation for just one night can increase 45% cortisol level. Stressful work environment can also increase cortisol level, which in turn can lead to fat accumulation in the midsection, inflammation, sugar and salt craving, tissue destruction as well as low immunity.

Tricks to tune up Cortisol Receptors

  • Mix 1tablespoon vanilla whey protein and coconut oil in coffee before drinking it. Adding healthy fat to black coffee helps in keeping a check on cortisol level as well as sugar level.
  • Practice meditation and yoga.
  • Avoid using electronic devices for at least an hour before you sleep. Be it TV or mobile phone; avoid it to stay safe from increased cortisol level.

Thyroid is important for every human being. Inactive thyroid can lead to hair loss, weak fingernails, cold hands or feet, dry skin, impaired memory, fatigue, constipation, joint pain and depression.

Tricks to tune up thyroid hormone Receptors

The first and foremost thing that is to be taken into account in this regard is avoiding gluten in your food as these increases fat and affects the production of critical hormone in an adverse way. Triticale, barley, couscous, oats, kamut, rye, spelt and wheat should be avoided. Instead go for amaranth, quinoa, wild or brown rice, buckwheat, teff, millet and taro. Try to replace flour with tapioca or arrowroot.

Try to use coconut oil as it helps in increasing metabolism rate by 56percent.

Consult doctor and go for thyroid antibodies test. Also take Reverse T3, Free T3, Free T4 and TSH test at intervals to ensure its in control.

Human Growth Hormone or the HGH is important for every human. It’s not just important for bone strengthening but also it helps in protecting heart with growing age. You may not know, but the HGH production gets reduced by as much as 14% in every decade. Problems become severe when people consume eggs; dairy or meat treated using rBST or growth hormone. Poor HGH symptoms may include, high blood pressure, low libido, anxiety, high body fat, anxiety, depression and muscle loss depression.

Tricks to tune up HGH Receptors

Take melatonic rich Montmorency tart cherries. You may find it interesting to know that Italian researchers have found that taking 5mg of melatonin before sleeping at night increases HGH level by almost 157. Therefore, try and drink tart cherry juice, a quarter cup in between 7 to 9 at night.

Try to opt for interval training exercises. Go for a mixed of short period high intensity training along with long period moderate intensity training. This will help in increasing HGH production by almost 500% or even more.

Make the use of Earthling technology as it increases melatonin, eliminates inflammation and checks cortisol level.

Avoid dairy products, as these are often treated with rBST even though the manufacturers claim their products to be safe for health. Always avoid taking synthetic HGH.

Take organic eggs and meat. Follow USDA organic standards before purchasing.

Everyday Detox

Fat may also contain different types of toxins apart from extra pounds. Excess hormones, heavy metals, drug remains, various chemical deposition in fat cells can lead to fat accumulation.

Toxin accumulation can be dangerous and needs detoxification for preserving health.

Take luxurious bath once or twice every week. To prepare it, take two-cup baking soda, two-cup sea salt in a hot bath. Then, relax till the water becomes cool. Wrap yourself with a towel and take shower after four hours. Hot water will pull the toxins to the surface of your skin. Osmosis cleans toxins from warm body, which in turn cools the water. Though this can be taken by anyone but is more important for radiation-related fatigue or jet lag.

Cleanse yourself using Liver Loving’ Formula rich in taurine. You may like to know that taurine helps the liver in bile production, important for removal as well as reduction of ammonia, petroleum solvents, alcohol, chlorine, aldehydes and heavy metals.

Drink cran-water. Also try to drink water measuring half of your body in ounces. These waters will help in maintaining a flow in your lymph, which in turn will help in toxic removal.

Use chia seeds and flax seeds to fiber up yourself. This will help in clearing the digestive tract from toxins. For the best results, you can consume 2-4 tablespoons of these seeds everyday.

Opt for activated charcoal as it helps in toxin absorption in stomach.

The abovementioned tricks can be of great help for those, who have experienced different problems from hormonal imbalance and cannot lose the excess fat.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network