You may not know this, but since there are 3 natural sugars in a banana, they are known as significant ‘boosters’ of energy. Recent studies have shown that if you eat just two bananas, you will accumulate sufficient energy for an hour and a half long exercise session! This is why most of world-class sportsmen eat bananas as an integral ingredient of their nutrition.

Besides boosting the energy levels, bananas can provide a number of other beneficial effects:

  • Dealing with depression more successfully
  • Regulating mood during PMS, better than any pills
  • Due to high level of iron in bananas, they can help with anemia
  • Being rich in potassium and without containing much salt, bananas can decrease your blood pressure
  • Improvement of cognitive abilities
  • Being rich in fiber, bananas can help with constipation problems
  • Banana milkshake with honey is a perfect way to deal with hangovers
  • Better than any cream, when it comes to insect bites (especially mosquitoes)
  • Bananas can lower body temperature; especially beneficial for pregnant women

So, as you can see, bananas can be a powerful remedy for many illnesses. Eat two a day and chase the diseases away!

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