Melanie Williams is a shocking story of being diagnosed with cancer without any major symptoms. When she learnt of it, she didn’t get discouraged. She took to the social media to make others aware of how even the smallest and inconspicuous marks and growths on their bodies can be possible symptoms.

It was only a few weeks before the diagnosis that she found an odd-looking dark spot forming under the thumbnail. According to her, it seemed to be something like a wart or a fungal infection. She could have never imagined that that small spot was going to change her life forever.

Williams, a mother of 3, was taken aback when her doctor diagnosed the wart and found that she had cancer. Fortunately, she was suffering from melanoma, a kind of skin cancer that could be removed with surgery.

On her Facebook page she wrote that she’s lucky that her cancer didn’t spread and she would have it removed the next week. But she would also lose almost half her thumb. She also posted on her page that if she had not checked that wart and left it as such, things could have had been different.

According to her, the cancer came so quickly. It took just a few weeks to form.

She made it clear that her goal was not to gather everyone’s sympathy, but to spread awareness so that no one is late in diagnosing such a small sign of cancer. She has asked all her fans and friends to have any skin growth checked by their doctor.

Her goal to spread awareness of skin cancer symptoms has reached far and wide. She posted her photo in July and it has already been shared over 120,000 times on the social site.

What is your opinion about this type of cancer? Make sure that you also share her photo and ensure that everyone around you is safe!

Source: American Overlook