Are you suffering from pain of the back, legs or spine? Are these pains caused because you spend a lot of time sitting or because you do physical work?

You can treat these pains naturally and there is no need to worry. Once you take this homemade recipe, you will start noticing the positive effects within a few days. Within 2 months, your pain will be fully healed.

You should use this natural medicine and get rid of your pain. This treatment is easy and comprises of easily accessible ingredients.

You should eat this home recipe before going to sleep for 60 days if you are suffering from pain in the back, spine, waist, or legs.


  • Fig – 1 (dry)
  • Apricot – 1 (dry)
  • Prunes – 5

All these fruits have nutrients that help promote regeneration of your tissue within the vertebrae. This helps in strengthening the tissue.

This is a folk medicine and you will always benefit from it.

These fruits are rich in nutrients and substances, the combination of which works as a great remedy for treating the pains in these body areas.

The treatment is suited for both men and women and should be pursued for 60 days.

Source: Health Advisor Group