A group of scientists have proved the connection between clogs sandals made from plastic materials and the rise of some forms of cancer. In the research carried out in Germany, it was discovered that the plastic materials have a high content of carcinogenic compounds which could explain the prevalence of certain types of cancer.

In conducting the research, the scientists chose ten pairs of the best brands of clogs in the market. They then analyzed the clogs, which were made of plastic, in a laboratory. The results of their analysis showed the presence of as much as 60% PAHs or Aromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons in the clogs. About 70% of the clogs contained heavy metals and solvents. The research also showed that black clogs had the highest amount of the carcinogens.

PAHs are very much cancer-causing in nature and if they are absorbed by the body or when they penetrate the skin they can cause a mutation of the cells. They are also particularly dangerous when they are inhaled. To avoid absorption through the skin, users are advised to wear a pair of socks first.

While the earliest Crocs contained four allergy-causing solvents, it is interesting to note that the Crocs had zero PAH content.

Source: Healthy Definition