One can say that osteochondrosis is one of the most commonly arising problems nowadays. This is one disease that arises in the cervical region of the spine. It is one of those very painful and uncomfortable diseases that can put people in the most dreadful situations. This doesn’t restrict its effect in the neck but spreads to the hand and cause temporary numbness in the hands too. One cannot have always the most effective solution to this but then there is one such solution that may be time taking but very effective.

This solution is a very simple and humble mixture of salt and olive oil. This article can assure one that after application of this particular solution one can get rid of the pain for nearly the next five years.


Olive and salt has to be put in a glass container and then the container needs to be closed. A light mixture of the two can be discovered after few days.


The mixture has to be applied on the cervical area every morning with a massage of 2-3 minutes. The massage session of 2-3 minutes can be increased to 20 minutes soon. Make sure that after the massage. Wipe out your skin with a damp cloth.

If the massage causes a bit of irritation, it can be treated by the application of baby powder after the massage sessions.

At the end of 8-10 days, if the massage is done well, the blood circulation of the neck area increases and also the bone tissue regenerates. So, you should feel the difference in about 8-10 days time.

Your body gets rid of the harmful toxins, the blood circulation gets improved and the metabolism comes to normal. This reduces your headache and improves your eye sight. At times you may feel a bit dizzy during the massage session that is quite a normal thing.

Source: Cuisine & Health