There’s a reason why you must not quickly judge a book by its cover. In the midst of different medical and alternative products claiming to cleanse and release the body from harmful toxins, there is one detox agent that truly stands out. Not just because of its color, but because it’s effective. How can something so dark cause cleansing and detoxifying properties? Introducing activated charcoal- the little black thing that makes you clean.

How it was unearthed:

Our humble activated charcoal was discovered in the year 1831 in a quite scary and anxiety-causing way. Professor Touery, a member of the French Academy of Medicine, drank an amount of strychnine (which is actually a poison) mixed with activated charcoal in the presence of his colleagues. The result? Guess what, he did not die. Nothing happened to him. This proves the power of activated charcoal as an antidote to poisonous substances and as a cleansing agent. Now, where did our little black charcoal get these amazingly great properties?

How charcoal becomes activated

Think of activated charcoal as a huge sponge that soaks up your body’s toxic substances. How does it manage to do that? Activated charcoal is actually charcoal that has been treated with oxygen. Prepared at very high temperatures to reach its absorptive properties, activated charcoal closely resembles the molecular composition of graphite and is almost entirely made up of carbon. The absorptive and catalytic properties are gleaned from the huge number of pores that activated charcoal acquires after it was processed with oxygen. Hence, as it acts like a sponge, activated charcoal becomes an excellent substance to use for absorption of poisonous substances.

The amazing uses of the little black activated charcoal

Prepare to be blown away by the number of benefits you can get with activated charcoal. Perhaps its best and number one use is the powerful antidotal properties that it has. It works for any type of toxic substance. Very useful for emergencies like food poisoning or where ingestion of poisons accidentally occur, activated charcoal has been used to counteract the lethal effects of poisons quickly and effectively. It safely cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, effectively flushing away toxins from the body. And as such, activated charcoal can be used for overall body detoxification as well. Suffering from flatulence, excessive gas, diarrhea or stomach pain? No worries, ingest some activated charcoal to soothe your tummy and stop your irritating symptoms. It also helps in keeping your blood cholesterol, lipid profile and triglyceride levels in check.  Activated charcoal maybe used in conjunction with other therapies for the alleviation of symptoms of acute viral and chronic hepatitis. Although activated charcoal is highly effective, please don’t forget to consult with your medical practitioner before starting to use activated charcoal for adjacent therapy.

Where to get it?

Activated charcoal is available in a wide range of products such as chewable tablets,  powder and liquid formulations. Be sure to choose the proper drug form to ingest to really maximize the benefits of this little black wonder.

Now that we are aware of this amazing little black charcoal, it’s safe to say that it can truly mean a difference in the lives of a lot of people. Help spread the awareness and you just might save someone from poisoning now. Truly effective and safe, this little gift from nature makes our body cleaner and our lives better.

Original Article Source: Living Traditionally