A military doctor has suggested a good recipe to help people get rid of joint pains and keep them in good shape. It will also help in removing other problems connected to joints.

The use of gelatin:

The main ingredient of this recipe is gelatin. It contains two amino acids called hydroxyproline and proline. These affect the condition of the little blood vessels and inner fibers.

It also:

  • Keeps the bones healthy
  • Improves flexibility
  • Helps in preventing osteoporosis
  • Gives strength to the wrist and the heart
  • Improves your metabolism and mental health


Buy 150 grams of gelatin with or without fruit flavor. Take 2 teaspoons from it (about 5 grams) and add it to a quarter glass of cold water. Mix it well and let stay overnight at room temperature. The next morning you will find that it has turned into a jelly. To it, add any juice or water with honey and drink it empty stomach.

Soon you will find some significant relief from your pains. Take this for a month and then give a gap of six months before starting again. This helps in lubricating your joints.

One woman tried this recipe and she found that there was a significant reduction in her joint pains and neck rigidity in just 7 days. Her pains were due to working on the computer for long hours. Since her results were so positive, yours will also be.