One of the most loved vegetable in the world is the potato. But most of us prefer to have potatoes either baked or cooked, which remove the health benefits that are available in the vegetable. Raw potatoes offer a range of health benefits and so it is advisable to consume potato juice to enjoy its benefits.

Researchers are suggesting that potato juice could be a potential cure for several diseases including cancer, gastritis and diabetes. Specialists such as Dr. John Tucakov and John Lesindzer advise that potato juice is a natural treatment remedy for gastritis. Add a spoon of potato juice to some water and have this atleast half an hour before your meals.

Have half deciliter of the juice on an empty stomach and other half before your meals to help get rid of duodenal and stomach illnesses. According to Dr. John Tucakov, the juice helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels and can also help treat lung infections and emphysema.

Some other noted benefits of the juice include:

  • Helps to lower blood sugar levels
  • Helps treat kidney and liver ailments
  • Can cure skin diseases
  • Improves immunity
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Prevents cardiovascular ailments
  • Treats gastritis and other stomach disorders
  • Can also fight cancer

Here is a simple recipe for potato juice:

Clean the potatoes and remove the skin. Cut it into thin slices. Put these slices in a cloth and then squeeze out all the juice onto a container. This can also be done using a juicer. You can also add some honey, apple juice or carrot / lemon juice to this for improved benefits.

Source: Healthy Life Base