Our hairs can really be lovely one moment and then turn very messy the next second.  Definitely, everybody loves that good feeling that comes when we move our fingers through our hair and it is all soft and calm feel. But then when our hair is dry or gets infected with dandruff, the experience can really be frustrating.

Our hair often becomes soft and shining after we use a shampoo to wash it, but this effect lasts only for a limited period of time. It is therefore very essential to wash your hair properly because it ensures that the hair remains healthy and beautiful for a longer time frame.

How to properly wash your hair:

  1. You have the freedom to wash your hair at any time you desire to do so, during the winter months, do it once in a week and in the summer it can be done daily.
  2. If you take shower daily, then once in a while, you should skip the shampoo in order to prevent your scalp from getting dry.
  3. Instead of scrubbing your hair, it is better to move your fingers gently through it so as to prevent hair breakage and damage.
  4. Always wash your hair with tepid or cold water. Your hair does not fancy hot showers since it dries both the scalp and the skin.
  5. Be consistent with the shampoo and avoid changing it often, your hair will be better for it.
  6. Don’t apply too much shampoo, put in just enough.
  7. Hair is very delicate when it is wet, never use a towel to dry it, but allow it to dry naturally.
  8. Don’t brush your hair when it is still wet as it causes its damage. Never brush it but a gentle shampoo will do.
  9. Don’t always shampoos down your scalp, once in a while start with your neck’s nape.
  10. Always ensured that your hair is totally soaked before applying the shampoo.

Source: Unknown Remedy