Have you ever wondered why Japanese women are almost never seen to have bad skin? They always look great without concern how old they are.

Japanese women are often envied because of their beautiful skin and flawless looks, irrespective of their age. Whether it is the suppleness of the skin or it is the color, they excel in all, which is why; they are often selected as the icon of gorgeous Asian skin. However, just being jealous about their skin quality or wondering the secret behind their beauty will not help you in achieving any goal. You need to learn the steps they follow and apply them in the right way.

Many women believe in the myth that the Asian women have a ‘beauty gene’ that helps in retaining their looks even when they grow old. However, it is not actually so. Skin exfoliation and masking is important for retaining its beauty. Yet, it is not all. To get a skin tone and quality like the Japanese women, you need to take proper care of your skin cleansing as well as moisturizing, but without using any chemicals. Yes, many of you may not know that the Japanese women prefer natural ingredients found in kitchen to keep their skin healthy. One of the beauty secrets of these Asian beauties have been discussed below:

Rice is the secret of Japanese beauty

Rice bran is noted among the favorites of the Geisha for softening their skin as well as hair. Many of them also prefer to wash their hairs with the water left after rinsing raw rice, which acted as natural antioxidant and emollient. While rice water made their hairs shiny, rice kept their skin protected against the harmful ultraviolet radiations. Not just that, it also helped in nourishing their skins, making it wrinkle-free. If you too want to use rice for a gorgeous look, you need to follow some simple steps.

Ingredients to prepare your beauty recipe

  • Take two to three tablespoon of rice
  • One-tablespoon honey
  • One-tablespoon milk

Preparation tips

Take a vessel and fill it with cold water. Add rice to it and start cooking over medium flame. Strain the rice water once it is cooked but make sure to save it in a pot. Now, wash the rice in cold water and add warm milk to it. Stir it well and add honey to the mix. Once the preparation is ready clean your face and other areas where you want to apply the mask. Leave the mask undisturbed for around half an hour to one hour and wash off with the water you have earlier obtained by cooking rice.

Some more tips

If you have some extra rice water, you can store it in the fridge for a maximum of four days and use it as a facial toner before leaving home in the morning or after coming back in the evening. You can also use for massaging your face by freezing it in the form of ice-cubes.

Source: Healthy Recipes Home