Have you heard of the mystical drink called kombucha?

“Kombucha” is special tea combo of black, white, and green teas that has been fermented with sugar, beneficial bacteria, and yeast to maximize its nutritional value. Kombucha’s history dates back to the third century B.C., where it was used by Chinese people for its numerous health benefits. It is believed that the Samurai Warriors used to drink Kombucha, to increase their powers and performance in martial arts and war.

Over the centuries, Kombucha became known to the western world and today, thousands of people enjoy the health benefits that it brings. If you are a fun of natural remedies and want to try this out, here are just some of the many health benefits of Kombucha you might get if you drink it on a daily basis:

  • Improves digestion. It’s been found that Kombucha can help ease digestive problems like for example ulcers, and act as a preventive measure against future digestive issues (in case you are not currently suffering from any problems but want to protect yourself from future harm)
  • Improves the function of the Immune system. Kombucha is naturally enriched with valuable nutrients and anti-oxidants e.g. Vitamins C, E, and B-Carotene, that scavenge free radicals and help boost naturally the function of the immune system so that it fights external “intruders” , signs of stress, and internal issues more effectively.
  • Maximizes your energy levels. If you are looking for a natural boost of your energy levels (without any coffee and other unhealthy stimulants), try Kombucha—its ideal natural nutrient ratio will help keep you stay energized throughout the day without causing over-stimulation, headaches or any unpleasant side effects.
  • Stimulates fat burning. This special fermented tea combo is packed with natural compounds that help speed up the metabolic process and decrease your appetite so that you’ll lose unwanted body fat and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Helps detox your liver and your system in general. Kombucha’s powerful cleansing and anti-oxidant compounds like glucuronic acid, makes it an excellent detoxifying remedy for those who want to expel nasty toxins out of their system.
  • Helps prevent kidney stone formation. Since the tea has a powerful cleansing action, drinking it regularly might decrease the risk of kidney stones developing.
  • Decreases Headaches. Kombucha has a mild balancing effect on the central nervous system and may be used as an anti-headache solution, in case you are suffering from frequent headaches and tension.
  • Improves anemia. Kombucha has been found to improve anemia through improving iron absorption from your system.

So, how to make Kombucha Tea?

How to make Kombucha Tea

Image Source: Tremendo.us