If you have a live plant and children in your home, you must be extremely careful not to let the child put plant leaves into his/her mouth. Some plants are extremely dangerous, as one mother found out.

According to the mother, her daughter nearly died after putting the leaf of a Dieffenbachia in her mouth. She said the little girl’s tongue swelled and she began to choke.

The Dieffenbachia plant is very dangerous, as all its parts and juice is poisonous. In fact, a child can die within a minute of ingestion whereas an adult has about 15 minutes. People are advised to wash their hands immediately after touching this plant and not to touch their eyes since it can lead to blindness as well.

If you have a plant similar to this one, it’s important to not leave a child alone with them. Or, to keep the plant an area the child will not be in. It’s also a good idea to just get rid of it altogether to ensure one’s safety.