Everyone has the desire of staying healthy and fit. You are also not an exception. People who have gained excess flab need to act fast so that they can reduce the fat at once. Yet, acting fast is not enough. You need to act in the right way so that you can lose the extra pounds. If you want some serious help in losing the extra fat and that too without health compromise, you can rely on pineapple. The sweet and sugary fruit has proven records of helping people reduce extra fat.

Though it is sugary in taste, it can effectively help in weight loss for its low energy density and calorie count. Yet, it will not make any adverse effect on your health as it has a large number of nutrients, like foliate, copper, manganese and Vitamin C. It is also the lone source of plant compound bromelain.

Bromelain has several benefits on human health. It is known for improving immune function of the body; promote digestion, cancer prevention and wound healing. Scientists have also stated that the compound can effectively break blood proteins, which in turn can be helpful in treating inflammations. Not just that, it can also help in reducing free radicals.

Its time to check the statistics and know what one pineapple juice glass contains:

  • 30mg magnesium
  • 33mg calcium
  • 25mg vitamin C- 30%RDA for females and 25% RDA for males.
  • 130 calories

Known to be an anti-oxidant miracle, the sugary fruit pineapple can be extremely effective for women. Not just its juice, the fruit itself can help in improving skin elasticity and gives it a much more youthful look. Especially, in bringing back the firmness of your breasts, which have sagged down due to aging. Swagging of breasts is common for every woman. Yet, to delay or avoid the process, you just need to switch over to pineapple juice from coffee or alcohol. The best part is you can get a visible result within a short span of time, if you consume this drink regularly. Try to get the juice fresh. In case, you cannot obtain fresh one, you can go for canned or dried pineapples.

The miracle fruit for women, pineapples can help in reducing wrinkles or aging signs from different troubled areas. Now, have a glass of drink everyday, to reduce weight and also to get a firm breast. Yet, also make sure to follow a balanced diet plan along with healthy lifestyle.

Source: Healthy Vegan Style