If the human body exhibits too much intake of uric acid via food items, it shows up as one of the most painful types of arthritis which is called Gout. This problem is quite common among men than in women because of the food items which men love to eat and drink. Additionally, it might also be a result of poor dietary habits and thus, by changing some of the things you eat, you might be able to get the uric acid levels of your body in level with the permissible limit which is 3.4-7.0mg/dl for men and 2.4-6.0mg/dl for women.


So, if you want to get your uric acid levels in control, then you might want to consider the following tips –

  • If you like eating vegetable, then you need to be aware of the vegetables that have high uric acid level like pineapple, peas, mushrooms, lentils, kiwi, beans, bananas and avocado. These foods are more likely to lead to the formation of uric acid in the blood.
  • Uric acid can be increased by fructose, so beverages and desserts which are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup need to be avoided. So, it is quite important to read the packaging of the food carefully as HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) might be present in food items which might not be sweet certain snacks and bread.
  • If you eat a lot of food that contains saturated fat, it might be exhibited by the body in the form of uric acid.
  • The nitrogen compounds which break down into uric acid and are deposited in the body are known are purines. These are present in animal proteins like poultry, fish, organ meats and meats. The beer is quite rich in purine too.
  • People who are quite overweight and suffer from obesity are at a great risk of developing gout because they tend to eat food which contains purines and uric acid. So, it is advisable that they keep their weight in check and lose some too, so that they can keep their uric acid levels in check.
  • One thing that men love to drink – Beer. However, beer contains high levels of purines, which is known to increase uric acid and, if possible, it should be avoided at all costs so that gout and high uric acid levels can be avoided.


So, if you want to keep you uric acid levels of your body in check and diminish the risk of developing gout, then you need to follow the tips given above as they are easy and simple ways in which uric acid levels can be kept in check.

Foto: www.yourmedicalstop.com