Turmeric is referred to as queen of spices. This orange and yellowish colored spice contains antioxidants, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti carcinogenic, anti inflammation and anti viral properties. Daily consumption of turmeric in any form in small quantity keeps you fit and healthy. It increases the immunity power of the body and provides a healthy solution to the problems.  

Take a look at four benefits of turmeric.


  1. FIGHTS CANCER: It helps in stopping the growth of cancer cells of prostate and cervical cancer. It triggers the cells and eliminates them from the body. Its balanced consumption can prevent the body from the risk of cancer.
  2. MANAGE WEIGHT: Surprising to know but turmeric also helps in cutting inches. For cutting down the dietary fat in the body it is required that the juice produced by stomach should flow properly. Turmeric helps in increasing the flow of bile juice in the body and thus cutting the body fat. It can help in shedding kilos if consumed regularly.
  3. WORKS ON ASTHMA: The people suffering from asthma are also advised to consume turmeric. It is because of its anti inflammatory nature that it can control the high lows of the breath and make it easy for the asthma patients to breathe.
  4. TRIMS DOWN CHOLESTEROL AND DIABETES: Turmeric helps in reducing insulin resistance of the body due to the presence of antioxidant agents. This further helps in prevent the onset of diabetes or the early stages of diabetes without any other medicine. Its consumption improves the flow of blood in the body which is very much required for appropriate functioning of heart. It reduces the cholesterol of the body and thus minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Turmeric can heal the inner injuries in muscles. The muscle gets torn which require an antiseptic which can heal it from within. If you apply turmeric on it then, it will do wonders. Just prepared a half baked flour chapatti and on one side which is unbaked apply turmeric mixed in oil. Wrap this on the injured area overnight and remove in the morning. Repeat it for few days regularly and you will see the difference.
  • The milk mixed with turmeric is very good for health. Apart from strengthening the body in recovery stage it is a food which females should consume regularly. This milk is a natural cure which fights against cold, cough and flu.
  • The paste prepared from turmeric and rose water can be applied on face to get rid of acne, black heads and dark circles. Just take turmeric powder and add rose water into it to dilute the paste. You can also add almond oil into it to make it stick on face for long. Apply this paste with cotton on your face and then wash after it is dried. Repeat it for few days and you will see the difference. Turmeric cleans the layer of skin and makes it look shinier and glossy.

Thus turmeric has embraced a lot of health benefits.

Foto: AuthorityNutrition