Since ancient times, it was believed that plants, besides healing, have magical properties as well. Here is how you can find a husband or protect yourself from evil spirits…

Wild rose, daisy and immortelle are known not only for their captivating beauty, but also for magical powers that, according to some folk beliefs and traditions, can help in various situations.

Saint John’s wort

A plant that protects women from evil and illness. If a woman suspects that the cause of her infertility is black magic, it is recommended that she carries in her pocket a flower taken from this plant. It is also recommended to drink the unsweetened tea made form Saint John’s wort.


It is believed that this plant possesses strong magical powers, and that it protects us from vampires and evil spirits of the deceased. If you want the members of your family to sleep peacefully, you should hang the wreath made of madder at the front door.

Wild Rose 

This plant protects from illnesses. It is believed that the patient will be cured if he goes through a hoop made of wild rose branches.


In the days of yore, this plant was used for making a rope the purpose of which was to capture the evil spirits, witches and vampires. It is enough to take some cattail and hang it above the front door, and the protection is guaranteed.


Eyebright is dedicated to a Slavic deity Svetovid, and it is mainly used for augury at night, just before a person goes to bed.  You put it under the pillow and think of a problem that bothers you or utter a certain question, and the solution or the answer will come to you in your dream.


It is thought that this plant heals jaundice. One should tie down a string onto the stem of a rose and repeat three times silently: “I change yellowness for redness.”


Dahlia’s dried root is a powerful amulet that helps women get the desired offspring. It is believed that a woman will get pregnant easily if she carries a dahlia’s root in her pocket every day.


The seeds of this plant are used in making a love amulet necklace. The only thing a girl need to do is look at a guy that she likes through the necklace, and he will fall for her.


Immortelle is believed to be the best female amulet. If a woman wants to stop her husband from committing adultery, she should carry a branch of this plant with her all the time.


Lovage is for those girls who want to get married. It is desirable to constantly carry a branch of lovage with you, and to take a bath once a week in the water where you previously put the plant. Its magical influence will attract the loved one.