Recent researches have shown that there is a firm correlation between your diet and your hair quality and health. In fact, one of the easiest ways of determining the overall health of a person (and the quality of their diet) is by examining their hair lock!

Of course, males always have a larger chance of losing their hair, but females can have similar hair-related issues as well, thinning hair being the most common one. The causes of such hair-related issues can be various – from the simple ones, such as vitamin deficiency, to much more serious illnesses and conditions.

In most cases, there is cure for such problems! But, the first and most important thing is to identify the cause. We present to you some of the most common causes of hair loss:

Pregnancy – This is one of the most apparent causes of hair loss among women, and in most cases it occurs after the birth and not during the course of pregnancy. This is because giving birth is very tense and you may feel a lot of pressure. If you do happen to lose hair after having a baby, don’t worry since it usually returns after no more than two months.

Physical Trauma – Any type of severe physical stress can cause a short-lived loss of hair. After some time, along with your body, your hair will heal as well.

Emotional Trauma – Hair loss as a consequence of a certain emotional trauma occurs less often than as a consequence of a physical one. It will recover with time, as well.

These were some of the most common causes, and now we present you with foods that can speed-up the recovery process or prevent the hair loss in the first place:

  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Spinach and other related “leafy” vegetables
  • Fish (tuna and salmon)
  • Nuts and seeds (walnuts, etc.)
  • Soy
  • Black tea
  • Avocado
  • Any food that contains a high level of Vitamin C

Foto: Lanka Gallery