Most Americans do not get needed amount of magnesium from the food that eat. Like all minerals, vitamins, you will face some problems if you do not get required magnesium.

Magnesium is essentially very important for your brain, muscles and heart function, calcium absorption, and many other metabolic related mechanisms in the body.

You need to take more magnesium, if you have low quantity in the body. It is recommended to eat more magnesium based products in order to make up for the shortage.  Magnesium deficiency can be very dangerous.

Below are the symptoms and health conditions that you will face due to magnesium deficiency:

  • Ringing in the ears (hear losing and tinnitus)

In one study, Chinese scientists discovered that magnesium inhibits free radical formation that is related to hearing damage in the cochlea. It meant that magnesium plays a major role for those who work and who hears more noise. It may cause the risk of hearing loss.

Fortunately, scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona found that a supplement of 532mg magnesium in patients with ringing in the ears showed a major reduction in the severity of this condition.

  • Depression

Low magnesium levels may cause depression in you. A century ago, doctors found that people with magnesium loss suffers depression.

In one study in a psychiatric hospital in Croatia, blood samples were tested for magnesium concentration in patients who had attempted suicide and patients who suffered from depression. This study found that those patients who had attempted suicide had significantly lower magnesium levels.

  • Heart Arrhythmias

According to Henry Low Heart Centre at Hartford Hospital, several patients suffer from Heart Arrhythmias as they have low magnesium. In this case, magnesium is used in the treatment of patients who have this problem.

  • Kidney stones

Usually people believe that kidney stones occur due to too much calcium in the body. But the truth is kidney stones result due to low magnesium levels.

Magnesium acts as kidney stone inhibitor, holding back with the binding of oxalate and calcium that combines to form the stones. But, there should be enough amount of magnesium in your body to do this.

If you ever had kidney stones before, you need to eat magnesium high foods such as dark-green leafy vegetables or take a magnesium supplement.

If you have any of these health conditions or symptoms, consult your physician to find out your problem.

Source: Just Naturally Healthy