Who does not want to grow long and strong hair? Almost every woman loves to flaunt bouncy hairs but there are few, who are lucky enough to fulfill their desire. Many women even spend dollars in buying formula products for hair growth but fail to achieve the desired result. If you do not want to spend a lump sum for growing hair, you can rely on ingredients readily found in kitchen. Yet, you need to know, the ingredients to be used along with their quantity to get the best result.

Women, who are interested in flaunting their healthy hair growth, can check out the guide mentioned below.

What is the right recipe for making hair mask?

  • One egg
  • Two to three tablespoon of lukewarm water
  • One tablespoon mustard powder
  • Three-tablespoon olive oil.

How to make the mask?

Start by slowly mixing the mustard powder in lukewarm water. Once it is blended add olive oil and egg to the mix. Keep on mixing the ingredients till it makes a fine paste.

Tips to use

Applying the hair mask is simple. You need to slowly add the paste on your scalp when the hair, especially the roots is completely dry. Do not wash your hair before applying the mask. Cover your hair with warm towel or shower cap after applying the mask. Leave it undisturbed for around 5 minutes or as long as you can bear the heat. Once the heat becomes intolerable, you can wash your hair. The mask needs to be reapplied after five to seven weeks. When applying the mask, you need to know that it does not only help in making the blood circulation better but also makes it thicker as well as shinier. While mustard is responsible for strengthening the hair, olive oil, sweet almond oil or coconut oil adds shine to your hair growth.

Source: Healthy Recipes Home