Have you ever felt what it would be like if you plant a pineapple plant in your apartment? Planting a pineapple plant in your apartment is easier than it sounds. You would be amazed to see that a pineapple plant can be grown as a house plant as well as a delicious fruit.

Now how can pineapple be planted as a plant? You do not require any special kind of seed to plant a pineapple. You just need an ordinary pineapple that you purchase from the store .This is how it is done.

  • Tear off the green tops of the pineapple by turning the hand.
  • Remove the fleshy part of the pineapple and the first layer of small brown leaves at the bottom with the help of a knife.
  • Remove the first layer of the small green leaves till the brown roots.
  • Peel the second layer of leaves where you would find more roots.
  • Put the pineapple in a glass of water with only  the tip immersed in water
  • Out it in a place where it would receive enough sunlight and then slowly see it sprouting gradually in a few weeks.
  • Remove another layer of green leaves mean while.
  • After the sprouts fully emerge, plant the pineapple in a pot with soil and put it on the window sill and water it once in a week.
  • A pineapple plant may take a long time to grow- almost two years but you will gradually see the first fruit that would be much tastier and delicious than the pineapples in the store.

Now enjoy the delicious taste of pineapple as well as a beautiful ornamental plant for home décor.