Rick Simpson made his way to Belgrade at the very moment when he heard about the debate over marijuana. He was more interested in the debate because using this herb only he has healed about 5000 cancer patients in just 90 days time.

In the debate, many of the guests talked against the use of herb on behalf of pharmaceutical mafia. But in opposition, Simpson explained that the cannabis has remained useful since centuries in treating a number of people in various diseases like epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and even multiple sclerosis.

Simpson is an engineer by profession but is also a self explained physician. He has been using this remedy of treating cancer since last 12 years on himself only when he was suffering from skin cancer. He came to know about the treatment of cancer through cannabis from somewhere and started to research more about it.

He has started treatment his face since the year 2002 but that time he was told that he does not have much time in his hand. Then only when he found that actually the scars on his face is not going, he came across a study that said about the affects of herbs on cancer.

He took this study quite seriously and started the use of cannabis oil. He applied the oil on his skin and covered it with bandages. After about four days when he removed the bandages, he found the scars on his skin were going and his skin was again pink as before. When he explained this wonderful story to other people, no one believed him rather made a joke out of it. But everyone had to believe when after a time of 11 and half years, he treated his cancer fully.

Simpson after treating himself from the severe cancer also has helped many other people to recover from the diseases. But he remembers and talks quite often about his last patient who was a 80 year old man, suffering from lung cancer. So critical was his condition that doctors said that he has only 48 hours in his hands to live. When he was brought to Simpson, he was breathing very heavily and was having lots of wounds in his leg.

Simpson here also advised treatment through cannabis regarding which the man’s son wanted to consult the doctor. It was quite surprising that the doctor did not say anything against the treatment and hence the son started using cannabis oil for his father. Soon, it was noticed that the man was breathing in a normal pace, hardly in 30 minutes time.

The son took his father out of the hospital after seeing the miracle and stopped all the medicines that he was taking. He only used cannabis oil for a time of about 6 weeks or so and started noticing improving results. Soon was a time when the man needed no more insulin. After about 3 months the man was healthy again without any trace of cancer in his body. As per Simpson this was the biggest example that age does not matter in the treatment of cancer through cannabis oil.

As the demand for raw marijuana increased after many of the examples, Simpson took the decision of cultivating them. Cultivating and selling of marijuana in North America is a crime for which a person can be sentenced 5 years to 40 years of imprisonment. Simpson was also caught cultivating marijuana in a raid and was sentences to imprisonment but he stayed just for 4 days and paid a fine of $2000. Though he has been left, but still he was threatened that next time he can be imprisoned for 12 years.

What hurt Simpson the most was that the jurors were among those people only whose have witnessed the treatment of their dear ones with the use of marijuana. They neither allowed the medical experts to test the presence of cancer in people treated with marijuana nor have allowed Simpson to provide documentation regarding cannabis oil.  May be this was because the North Americans can be easily brainwashed.

Simpson was very much disappointed because people took him as a culprit who sells weed, though he did so only to treat the cancer patients. He even has explained his simple recipe on his website. There are many duplicate oils also available in the market sold in his name, but the real cannabis oil is used in just few drops thrice a day. Also the preparation of the oil at home is quite simple and fast.

Simpson advises a dose of about 60 grams for 90 days in the treatment of the cancer patients. He has also supported marijuana smoking as he researched that people smoking marijuana can stay 6 years more alive than the people who do not. But of course the cannabis oil is much effective than the marijuana smoking. He has been in this struggle of convincing governments to allow cannabis oil and also cultivation of marijuana for a number of medical reasons.

Simpson shows that cannabis has been popular in treating diseases as early as from the times before Christ. Also the remedies of marijuana have been mentioned the in ancient scripts of Persia. He further asks for right of getting this herb introduced as free medicines.

Source: Healthy Food Advice