Apple cider vinegar is also known as ‘liquid gold’ and it can be used for all the ways. Vinegar can be used beyond the kitchen.

Apple cider vinegar is lauded as a beauty Most Valuable Player (MVP) because of its versatility. In spite of its pungent odor and unappealing murkiness, it is used for many remedies.

People apply this to work as a facial toner and as a clarifying hair rinse. Scientists have done many experiments on it.

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a most beauty product and it can be more effective at performing tasks over others. Before applying apple cider vinegar on your face, remember that you need to apply a small and diluted amount to a test patch of skin and wash it off immediately if you observe any adverse effects.

In addition, Apple cider vinegar can be used for a foot soak. A blogger named Gaytha Stewart combined Vinegar with Listerine mouthwash in order to revolutionize his pedicure routine. But he did not specify what type of vinegar he has used in it.

The blogger Stewart says that after soaking his feet in the concoction, they were ‘amazingly smooth’.

Source: Health Tips Portal