The story of Jeff Waters who, aged 36, was diagnosed as having stage III Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) was featured in an article about cannabis and its benefits in treating COPD which I presented in April 2014.  I’m sure some of you are wondering how he’s faring now.


Let’s do a quick recap on what COPD is all about. COPD is characterized by a myriad of different weakening but not cancerous problems affecting the lungs. If you see anybody going around with an oxygen tank coming out of their nostril, that person is suffering from a form of COPD. Unfortunately, medical experts are of the opinion that the disease can only get worse and the big pharmaceutical companies are not seeing any cure in sight. Despite that, all kinds of medicines are prescribed as a kind of pain relief with dangerous side effects; Jeff had to be admitted to hospital and placed on life support at some point from the medications.


Jeff spent 28 days under intensive care due to a reaction to one of the drugs he took. He kept going into and out of a coma. He had been taking 15 different drugs ranging from high blood pressure medications to COPD drugs, drugs for high cholesterol, aggression, depression, anxiety, insomnia and pains. Most of these drugs carry a warning as causing acute upper respiratory disease.


After his experience in intensive care, Jeff decided to look for a better form of treatment for his COPD than what was being offered by exploitative hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.


Jeff’s findings and recent progress

Jeff was able to get some Full-Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) made from full-spectrum cannabis which contains THC with grain alcohol as the solvent. He managed to get as much as half a gram two times daily even though he was a resident of a non-medical marijuana state.


Before long, he started walking between two to five miles every day without having to carry his oxygen tank everywhere he went, and his diet started to improve too. Before he started using cannabis, he had difficulty just climbing a staircase.


Jeff’s weight dropped from 189 pounds which was not ideal for his somewhat short frame to 142 pounds which was more appropriate. As the days passed, he began to lose the oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks and his medications; especially the blood pressure drugs that didn’t play any part in his blood pressure going back to normal.


Before now, Jeff had to curtail his activities and movements to only those things that the oxygen tank would feasibly allow. He also had to be sure that the COPD meds were within reach. A lot of COPD sufferers have given an account of how they need to take a break from every activity to inhale some oxygen from the tank, use a nebulizer, or simply just rest.

Source: Complete Health & Happiness