Often when you get a headache or a pain in the abdomen, the first thing you look for is a medicine. Medicines are of course possible solutions to illness but taking medicines for every small thing can become like an addiction. Replacing medicines, there can be a number of other things that can be tried.  In fact there is one trick that you will get surprised to know about.

You must have heard and known about acupressure. But you may have not known that by simply massaging your fingers, you can treat a number of pains.

You wish to know how? Here are the tricks.

Migraines and headaches

Acupressure is great for any kind of stress or tension, and so, it actually works in case of headaches. To treat such pain, massage in circular movement the area in between the thumb and the index finger for about 5 seconds. But this should be avoided during pregnancy as this can cause early labor.

Pain due to Sinus

To get rid of sinus pain also acupressure can be tried. Keep the palms towards you; start applying pressure on the finger tips, using the thumb of your other hand. You need to hold the tips and massage it for 3 minutes. Not only sinus pain, it also cures dizziness and nose congestion.

Sore Throat and Cold

Massaging the entire thumb is great in curing nasal congestion, sore throat, swallowing problems and other respiratory issues.

Tension and neck pain

To get rid of any kind of tension or even neck pain, start massaging the middle section of the fingers one by one.

Stomach upset

Warm up your thumb by massaging it entirely. Now use your warmed up thumb to put pressure on the center of the palm. Hold it for a few minutes.

Pain in abdomen and menstrual cramps

To get rid of that painful menstrual cramps or any kind of abdomen pain, start by massaging the whole hand. Now apply pressure on the two sides of the nail of the index finger. Continue this to the pinky finger and then to other fingers.

Source: Life Health & Food