Proteins supplements are those food products that are nutritious and they help in body building and guava is one of them.  Having proteins in your diet is important because it helps in building the body tissues.  Daily intake of proteins is ideal because it help to repair the worn out tissues in the body.  Some of the supplements include: protein bars, protein powder, meal replacements and weight gainers.  These supplements generally contain 20 to 30 grams of proteins and are forfeit with minerals and vitamin.  Protein supplement also come in numerous forms and majorly they are made from fruit flavors.

Get to know terminologies associated with guava protein supplements

Listed below are some of the terminologies that are associated with protein supplements.

Isolate; this is a protein that has been chemically purified. Purification is done to remove all the non-protein substances; isolate is 90% pure protein.  You can choose this type of proteins when you need a lot of proteins in your body.

Blends; this is a combination of different protein sources.  It is believed that a blend is effective in the body.  When it is compared to the real isolate, it’s outstanding because it offers both slow digesting and first digesting protein sources. It is also cost effective this means that you can afford it at any store.

Concentrate; this is not a pure protein like the isolate.  Though it contains 70 to 85% of proteins and has more fats.

Amino acids; these are the building blocks of proteins.  There are a lot of amino acids in the body and it is over 100.  Only twenty are considered standard and also they are divided into two: non-essential and essential amino acids. Non essential amino acids are synthesized in the body while the essential amino acids cannot be created in the body hence they must be obtained from food.

Weight gainer; these are high protein products. They have a high level of calories and it is ideal to be used by athletes and bodybuilders. If you are that individual who wants to gain weight then you can use weight gainer. They are known as rapid weight gainers and you can use it as meals or between meals and it will help you add more weight.

Meal replacement; these are considered as replacements for protein products. They contain a macronutrient blend and a formulated nutrition that not only provides the body with appropriate amounts of carbs but also enough proteins, mineral, vitamins and healthy fats.

Advantages of using Guava

Using Guava as a protein or vitamin supplements has a lot of advantages.  This is because they are easy to digest and they can be eaten at any time. Another advantage is that they are cost effective. When protein replacements are compared with proteins foods such as fish and beef they are a bit cheaper. Also they are more complete and a balanced protein source. They contain minerals and vitamins which makes them to be a multi dimensional food. Not only that they come in various varieties and the good thing is that they are low in calories. Lastly, they have higher biological value when compared to real food.



Source: CureJoy