Most of the pain we feel in our body is usually due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and most times bad posture. Pains in the joints, legs, back, and neck can be really terrible and although we try to ignore them, use pain relievers or just carry on with our daily activities we still don’t get the kind of relief we’d like. This easy-to-make wonder drink can be a difference.


Ingredients and Instructions

  • Cold water
  • 150g of edible gelatin


Get a ¼ cup of the cold water and add 5g of gelatin to it (150g of gelatin should last for one month). Stir the mixture properly. Keep overnight but don’t store in a refrigerator as this will turn the mixture to jelly. When you are ready to drink you can add honey, juice, or yogurt to taste.

Make sure you drink the mixture on an empty stomach. For effectiveness, drink for 30 days consecutively. You should start seeing results after the first week of drinking the mixture. If you need to repeat the treatment, allow a 6-month break after the first month of use.

Gelatin, taken in the right amounts and in the proper way can prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. It is also known to strengthen ligaments and improve the immune system.

The secret to this drink’s effectiveness lies in the acids contained in gelatin. They are useful in tendon tissue, bone, collagen, and cartilage recovery.