Who doesn’t love warm, summer days on the beach, or strolling the boardwalk late at night and gazing at the sea? How about enjoying a cocktail outdoors on a cool summer night. Sounds fun right? For some people yes, but for others it’s miserable. The reason is mosquitos. Nobody like them and for many they can ruin summer entirely with their bites, which cause swelling, itching, and they can even give you a disease like malaria. Sounds frightening, right?

Those who get bitten regularly have typically tried everything solution under the sun to keep those pesky critters at bay, but unusual end up staying inside during the summer, or covering up from head to toe. If you’re one of those folks, I feel sorry for you, but don’t fret. There’s a remedy out there that will help you get rid of mosquitos once and for all, so you can go back to enjoying long walks on the beach with your lover during those warm, summer nights.

Are you read y for it? It’s Vicks Vapor rub!

What you say? Yes, and guess what? You probably have this lying around at home (in case you come down with the flu). However, its special formula (menthols and camphor) makes it an awesome anti-mosquito weapon. They absolutely loathe the smell of this stuff and will do everything in their power to stay very far away from it. Whenever you go outside, just smear this stuff over your arms and legs and enjoy the night!

Check out this video below to learn about all its amazing uses!

Source: Natural Remedies For Long Life