Today pesticides are not only present in the gardens and parks but also on various eating items. This is the reason you wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them. A very best solution for such pesticides can be to eat either fruits or vegetables that are grown in house by you or to consume them in the organic form.

You try a lot of methods and ways so that you can stay away from these pesticides. But now pesticides can be found everywhere and so they will find you from somewhere or the other. One way through which recently pesticides are reaching you is the tea bags. Recently it has been found that in some of the famous branded tea bags there are high amount of pesticides. Some of the brands are Twinings, Tetley and Lipton.

Pesticides found in tea

There was an investigation conducted by CBC news to know the levels of pesticide available in tea bags. Some of the companies that were included in the investigation are:

  • Uncle Lee’s Legend of China
  • Signat
  • King Cole
  • Tetley
  • Red Rose
  • Lipton
  • Twinings
  • No Name

CBC did same tests on all the brands. The tests were conducted by National Food Inspection Agency. Mainly the test was to check the availability of pesticides in the dry leaves of the tea.

It was found that maximum of the tea brands has a very high level of pesticides that is illegal. Not only pesticides, also many of the tea brands also contained some very harmful chemicals along with the pesticides. The tests confirmed that the tea bags contained as many as 22 types of different pesticides.

Even there were such pesticides such as monocrotophos and endosulfan that are going to be banned in many of the countries. This is because these pesticides have very harmful impact on the workers who work with it and have several health risks.

Brands that are best and brands that are worst

Though zero pesticide is something that should be needed, but still there are a number of brands that were found with pesticides that were lower than the illegal level. In comparison to these, of course there were many that had pesticides much higher than the legal level. Here is a list of some worst brands in this way.

  • Uncle Lee’s Legends of China was found with as many as 20 types of different pesticides. One of the most dangerous pesticide endosulfan is available in this brand that causes a number of nerve related issues and also at times death.
  • ‘No Name’ brand is not as dangerous as Uncle Lee’s tea, but still it was found with about 10 different pesticides.
  • King Cole may not have many pesticides as the above two, but it contains one of the most dangerous pesticide namely monocrotophs that is about to be banned in many countries soon. The pesticide is highly dangerous as it increases the heartbeat and can lead a person to come.

The owners of these brands have not stayed quiet and have come to defend their brands now and then. Most importantly, the vice president of the brand Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, has defended his brand by saying that all tea contains pesticides.

He said that whatever tea you drink, of whichever brand, the fact is that it will contain pesticide as it is an agriculture product.

He has been ignoring the investigation results conducted by CBC in which it was found that among the 10 most popular brands of tea, there was a brand called Red Rose that was found to be free of any kind of pesticide. But the vice president of the brand Uncle Lee’s has been continuously lying the fact and ignoring it.

It is needed to support tea brand without any pesticide by avoiding tea brand such as Uncle Lee’s that are highly contaminated with pesticides.

Source: The Hearty Soul