Muscle weakness is the major problem that can make our life less enjoyable. The loss of strength, nimbleness and stamina can prevent people to engage in their daily activities.

The connection between age and muscle Atrophy

Our body has muscle growth from the moment of our birth and to our age 30. After the completion of 30 years, ever person can even lose 3 to 5 percent of muscle mass every 10 years. After 75 years, people will be affected with atrophy.

It means that as we get older, muscles become prone to loss. Older people are particularly vulnerable to muscle loss.

A new study has revealed that muscle atrophy can be overcome, even though it is a natural process. People can prevent weakness and reduce muscle atrophy simply by consuming two compounds such as apples and green tomatoes.

Who would have thought a few slices of apple and green tomatoes can be so powerful?

Eating apple and green tomatoes on regular basis, will help you to maintain strong and healthy muscles in the long run regardless of the age.

How acts the combination of Ursolic acid and Tomatidine?

A group of researchers from the University of Iowa found that these two items will have an inhibiting effect o ATF4 factor that is responsible for genetic loss and muscle aging. Ursolic acid in apple feel and Tomatidine in green tomatoes help to gain muscle power.

Researchers had conducted an experiment with mice and they found that use of Ursolic and Tomatidine in their diet, showed a great difference in muscle strength and increase in muscle mass. Muscle mass increased by 10 percent and power by 30 percent.

This latest research proved that people can get muscle power by eating apples and green tomatoes. So, you can take advantage of eating these compounds. Eat an apple a day, while green tomatoes can be added to salads.

Note: Ensure that you always purchase organic apples.

Source: Explicit Gists