We often tend to ignore cracking heels as a sign of natural ageing. Firstly it is visually unpleasant and secondly as they become deeper there is a good chance they get infected and start to pain. In this article we showcase how a 57 year old neighbor has the feet of a 20 year old. So how does she do it? Read on to find out.

First let us take at what happens to cracked heels. The skin becomes dry and starts to become thicker. This prevents circulation of the bloody and the dead skin cells here prevent the skin’s elasticity. A bath will ensure that the skin stays soft.

Mix olive oil, lime blossom and rosemary in a tub with hot water and take a long bath in it. The bath will improve blood circulation. Use a file to remove to remove the dead skin from sole and make sure that it is not too sharp as it will remove excess skin. While creams & moisturizers can be of great help to soften the skin, homemade remedies will provide a natural & inexpensive solution.

The best natural remedy is coconut oil. Its medicinal properties have made it an important part of homemade remedies for centuries. Coconut oil can be applied in the sole gently massaged for a while and this will help the skin to recover.

Corns and blisters are also common problems faced by people. Excessive pressure on some points in the foot cause corns to appear and occurs mostly outside the biggest toe. It can be white, yellow or grey in color and can also occur in between toes, as there is moisture present there, which makes the skin soft and vulnerable.

Blisters arise due to pressure or the effects of friction that is applied for a prolonged period. The skin becomes sticky and starts to burn.

This simple homemade remedy will help in treating dry skin, cracks, blisters and corn.

What is needed to make the recipe?

  • Brandy or 70% Rubbing alcohol – 250 ml
  • Aspirin – 300 mg (roughly ten tablets)

How is it made?

Brandy is taken in a small vessel and the aspirin is crushed finely into a powder and added to the brandy. This is mixed well till they blend. Leave this mixture for one or two days.

How to use the remedy?

Use folded gauze and dip it in the remedy. Now use this gauze to apply it on the skin or area that has the problem. Wrap a nylon bag around your foot and wear a sock on the foot. Leave the remedy to work overnight. In the morning, use warm water to wash the remedy and then apply some cream or moisturizer.

What are the benefits of this method?

Do this treatment for atleast ten times to see the effect. You will notice that the problematic area will improve and the skin will become normal in this area. The skin will also become clean.

This remedy can even relieve pain from varicose veins. Just use this mixture to massage the affected area and the improvement will be noticeable.

Source: Sport Online Group