Those painful white colored open sores in your mouth surrounded by red border are mouth ulcers. Most common infections they are and can be very irritating. Mostly it is irritating because they happen to locate somewhere under your tongue, or inside the lips or cheeks. This can create in eating your food, while talking or even can be painful at times without doing anything.

There can be many reasons about how and why these mouth ulcers do take place. Here are some common types of ulcers that you must have come across.

Minor ulcers

Aphthous stomatitis is mainly known as minor ulcers and is quite common in many people. It takes about a week time or also at times 10 days to get cured.

Major ulcers

Major ulcers or Major aphthous ulceration takes place when a few nearby minor ulcers or aphthous stomatitis merge up to become a huge one. This type of ulcer normally takes place only in 10% of the cases and is of course much more painful than the minor ulcers.

Herpetiform ulcers

This type is much more painful and ugly than the minor and major ulcers. This can be a result of the herpes simplex. Hundreds of small ulcers cluster together, to create this painful ulcer. It is said that women are more affected with this type of ulcer than the men.

Different causes for mouth ulcers

There can be some of the eminent reasons that may cause mouth ulcers. These can be:

  • Accidental bites
  • Bowel diseases
  • Deficiency of iron, vitamin C or vitamin B12
  • Food allergies
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Herpes simplex
  • Skin disease
  • Stress
  • Unhygienic dental issues
  • Underlying diseases

Home remedies to treat mouth ulcers

  • Though many individual runs to the medical store or checks for a doctor to get their mouth ulcers cured, there are some of easiest home remedies to get rid of such issues.
  • Extracted milk from grated coconut can be used to gargle around 4 times a day can help in treating ulcers very fast.
  • Similarly, you can coriander leaves in water and the then strain it and let it cool down a bit. Doing gargle with this water in lukewarm condition can also do miracles in mouth ulcers.
  • Another simple way is to gargle with warm water once and then chilled water once. The temperature theory is helpful in many cases to treat the ulcer.
  • Similar to coriander, fenugreek leaves can be also boiled in water and strained. The water can be used for gargling three times a day after it has cooled down a little bit.
  • Put some coriander seeds in boiling water and then after straining and cooling it down, use it to gargle three times a day.
  • You can also consume two tablespoons aloe vera gel three times a day to get a soothing effect in your mouth.
  • You can chew a bunch of basil leaves with water about 5-6 times a day to treat your mouth ulcers.
  • Either you can eat raw tomatoes or you can also gargle with the tomato juice for 3-4 times a day.
  • Try applying sugar candy and camphor on the ulcer blister in your mouth. Make sure that you take 1/7th part of camphor in comparison to the sugar candy. This is one of the easiest home remedies but you need to make sure that not much of camphor goes in your mouth.
  • Make a paste of a pinch of turmeric in some glycerine. Apple this mixture on the blister and see amazing results in a few days.
  • Similarly, make a paste of honey and turmeric and then gently rub on the blister that you have in your mouth.
  • Another easy way can be to consume banana with curd everyday in the morning.
  • Also you can massage the gums of your mouth with a mixture of honey and coconut to get rid of mouth ulcers.
  • Apply a paste of Indian gooseberry on the blister for 2-3 times a day. You will be able to notice the difference in just 2 days.
  • In about 1/3rd cup water, put 10 drops of tea tree oil. Swishing your mouth with this mixture for 30 seconds each time can help in getting cured of the infection, and treating the blister.
  • Also saltwater is also effective in treating ulcer. Very easily about half spoon of salt can be dissolved in a cup of water and then you can swish with it for 30 seconds each time. You can try dissolving the salt in lukewarm water for much better results and also faster.
  • Another remedy can be to swish you mouth with soda as bicarbonate in it helps in treating ulcers very effectively.
  • Applying a few drops of tea tree oil on the blister will help in soothing the blister and also in reducing the redness and the inflammation.
  • If you hold cranberry juice in your mouth for some time for at least 2-3 times a day, it can easily help you to get rid of mouth ulcers quite soon.
  • Applying plain yoghurt on these blisters can also help you in getting ridding of them comfortably.
  • Onions absorb infections. So, eat salads with raw onions. You will see that you ulcer has disappeared surprisingly.

Things you should do while having an ulcer

  • For brushing your teeth, use brushes with soft brittles only.
  • Try to drink one cup of cranberry with each meal.
  • For drinking chilled drinks, use a straw.
  • Consume food items that are comfortable for the blister such as ice cream, yoghurt or custard. Eating some cool fruits can also help in relaxing the ulcer burns.

Important things that you should not do while you have ulcer

  • Say a strict no to food items that are hot or spicy.
  • Reduce down hard items such as tea and coffee
  • Stay away from tobacco, cigarette or alcohol

So, use some of the above mentioned home remedies and also follow the methods mentioned to get rid of mouth ulcers effectively and also much faster.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes