Many times it happens to cook the water, and then forget that you did it, and then, turn on the panel again…

Have you ever thought that this is harmful?

It could be. Namely, when the water is boiling too long or is boil several times, its substance is changing – and even otherwise healthy minerals can become harmful, such as calcium, which then leads to stones in the body, when such water are consuming more often.

What are you increasing with overcooking and double boiling the water?

Arsenic: World Health Organization (WHO), which claims that the biggest danger to the drinking water is exactly arsenic, which are leading to poisoning, problems with the digestive organs, diabetes, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, lesions of the skin and even to cancer.

Nitrates: high temperature turned them into nitrosamine, which is carcinogens – deleterious to the ovaries, bowel, bladder, pancreas, stomach, causing leukemia

The fluoride: some research has confirmed that fluoride affects the reduction of neurological and cognitive function, a decrease in fertility and the coefficient of intelligence in children.