There is a ground-breaking invention in the field of personal hygiene that is about to change the way we used to maintain about dental hygiene. It has been developed by Kazue Yamagishi, a researcher from Japan. This new toothpaste will fill the cracks and holes in our teeth. It helps in restoring our tooth’s enamel.

Thus, there is no longer any need for all the manipulations which were involved earlier at the hands of dentists.

The Japanese researcher’s toothpaste has a composition that is just like that of the tooth enamel. The sole difference is it is in liquid form. You can easily apply it on the damaged areas of your tooth using a toothbrush.

The researcher developed the formula of his new toothpaste after conducting many experiments using hydroxylapatite. It is also known as crystalline calcium phosphate and it is the primary constituent of our tooth.

Once this paste is applied on your teeth, it dissolves the acid on the teeth’s surface. It takes 3 minutes of the paste to crystallize and secure firmly to the natural enamel’s structure.