Despite the fact that no one likes violent or gruesome dreams, these scenes play an important role in maintaining mental health, writes “The Huffington Post”.


All of us, at least once in a lifetime happened to dream that we fall, that someone chasing or killing us, and then wake up in a state of panic and relieved when we realize that none of it really happened.

As new video “The Good Side of Bad Dreams” explains, nightmares may serve as a kind of emotional liberation, thanks to which it reduces the level of daily stress and anxiety.

“Usually what we are most concerned about the answer, continues to be concerned in dreams. Your subconscious is your abstract fears turning into stories that occur as a nightmare,” said in the video.

Here’s how it works: The brain turns fear into the memory in the form of nightmares. This is useful because it is much easier to cope with the memories they represent something that happened in the past, than ‘foggy’ anxiety in connection with the world around us, says the narrator.

So, if you belong to those 8 percent of people who are at times faced with nightmares, do not worry – it’s just the way your brain leaves your fears behind you.