Bay leaves are an excellent plant and spice that is vital in many kitchens today. Yet, in addition to its use in the preparation of well-tasting food, it also has positive effects on our health. Thus, through this article, we’re going to mention some of those effects for you, in addition to a medicine you can prepare to utilize the space!

So what are the benefits to be gained?

-Ease nerve pain.
-Boost the immunity system.
-Promotes increase sweating.
-Relieves joint pain.
-Enhances mental activities.

-Boosts appetite.

-Eliminates skin problems, including acne and pimples.

-Normalize renal and hepatic functions.

Medicinal recipe:

-Bay leaves (30 grams).
-Olive oil (250 grams).


-Grind leaves, crushing them until a light oil is released. Ensure that you use dried leaves for the process.

-After crushing add the oil in, where the crushed leaves should have been stored in an airtight container.

-Cover the leaves and oil mixture, and let it macerate for 2 weeks in dry and cool spot.

Over time, you should change the leaves until you pick up on an intensified aroma. Keep repeating this, while setting the mixture side for 2 weeks constantly.

After that, when it’s time to apply the oil, you’ll need a piece of cloth. Dip the cloth into the mixture lightly, and squeeze out the excess oil (as to use as little of it as possible).

The cloth should be rubbed in affected areas, whether this be joint, or your head to relieve headaches and pain. You can even quite aspirin and use this product increased!

You can apply this to your ear to deal with migraines, or massage at your temples to eliminate severe headaches.