Ladies Finger which is better known as Okra is a vegetable which is not liked by a number of people because of its slimy character. It has no taste of its own and is bland when has boiled. However, did you know that this vegetable has a number of health benefits? Read on to know more.

Why should okra be eaten often

Okra is known to consist of power packed vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It also does not have too much calories. One cup of raw Okra is said to have only 40 calories, 3 grams of fiber, 8 grams of carbohydrate and 2 grams of protein. It does not have any fat. Okra is also rich in folic acid and magnesium along with a great amount of Vitamin C. This vegetable helps in getting rid of various diseases that you did not know of.

Cures the symptoms of asthma

Okra is a great vegetable for curing asthma symptoms regular intake of this vegetable can reduce symptoms of wheezing as it contains Vitamin C. People who suffer from asthma should have Okra on a regular basis to also take advantage of the anti inflammatory effect as well.

Helps to reduce bad cholesterol

Okra consists of fiber that is very good for getting rid of bad cholesterol. It helps to move  bad cholesterol away from the body. The Okra does not contain cholesterol in itself and that is why it can be regularly eaten in your diet. At the same time, the high fiber content helps you to have a smooth bowel movement everyday which is good for your health as well.

Takes care of diabetes

Okra is a great vegetable for people with diabetes. It helps to reduce the speed of glucose absorption due to which the glucose in the blood is stabilized. This means that the blood sugar level would decrease which is desired  in diabetic patients.

Has various antioxidants, which help in keeping the immune system fit

Okra consists of various antioxidants as well as Vitamin C that helps improving the count of the white blood cells and also make it resistance against any kind of microbacterial infection as well as harmful viruses. The fiber helps in digestion, as well. The slimy substance in the Okra comprises of magnesium that is known to be a very good vasodilator that helps in dilating the blood vessels.

Apart from these, Okra also helps in reducing kidney diseases, is good for a pregnant woman, and can be a tasty dish if prepared in the right way.