According to health experts, olive oil is undoubtedly a healthy food that can be consumed by anyone. If the person is contemplating of starting a new regimen for healthy eating, then he is to make sure that this oil gets included. Consuming olive oil is said to provide several health promoting benefits.

Understanding the health benefits of olive oil

There are various reasons as to why olive oil is to be made part of the healthy food list. Two health boosting nutrients are said to exist in them, namely tyrosol esters and monounsaturated fats.

Monosaturated fats assist in strengthening the cholesterol levels of the body, which again helps to reduce heart disease related risks and to enhance levels of glucose that can assist in treating diabetes. Whereas, Tyrosol esters, the other nutrient present in this oil, assists in safeguarding the person against numerous infections and health conditions and to alleviate pain. It also helps in fortifying the person’s immune system and supports the vital organs of the body.

Controlling amount of consumption

Although it is among the healthiest food available in the market, this oil is pure fat. Hence, one has to be extremely careful as to how much amount is being consumed at any given point of time. About 120 calories is present in just a tablespoon. Therefore, having few tablespoons to the meal can effectively raise calorie amount in the meals and food.

Consuming the correct olive oil amount

One can take a tablespoon and drizzle it over the salad or have it sprinkled it on the meat before cooking, for adding moisture and flavor. Including a tablespoon to the casserole, curry or any hot dish can provide the person with sufficient health boosting nutrients present in the oil and also enjoy the food, since its texture or taste does not get changed upon its addition.

Things to know

Checking out the Mediterranean diet can help one to know as to what kind of health benefits are derived from consuming olive oil. However, the person has to understand that using olive oil in unhealthy foods cannot make such food to become healthier. Therefore, it is necessary to have a well balanced diet. This automatically means, the person is required to consume correct amount of food derived from main food groups that are whole grains, vegetables and fruits, diary, protein, sugar and fats.

Knowing about this miracle product in details, can help anyone to have a fit, healthy body.