The study of palm is one of the useful mediums that are used to recognize the character of a person and predict his future his future. This is a very common practice that is present all across the world and it has been originated from Indian Astrology and Rome predicting the future. Marriage is one of the most well known occasions in everyone’s life. If you want to know more about your marriage life, you can read your own palms by opening your hands and reading the lines.

The meaning of these lines

When the right line is higher than the left, then that signifies that you are clever and respect the old people. You are very firm about your decisions and do not bother at what people think. There are chances that you would end up with a person older than you.

When the left line is higher than the right one then that signifies that you are strong and secure, and will attract people all around you with your good looks. You will definitely marry someone who is younger than you or a complete stranger.

When all lines in your hands are of the same height and are connected to each other, then that signifies that you are compassionate and gentle and an individual who is stable as an individual. Your husband will be involved and loved by your friends as well as your family.