Do you suffer from breathing problems? Do you feel that you lack the ability to get the air you need for proper relaxation of productivity? Maybe you suffer from asthma, coughing, or any type of lung diseases.

As a rule, lung problems are debilitating in the times we live. High stress and the need to multitask and manage problems fast, have led to a lifestyle that requires a lot of physical stamina. Most people with difficulty breathing cannot keep up with such a quick pace of life. The anxiety will render them exhausted too fast.

Thus, the following is a remedy you can apply to your life, as a way of reducing instances of diseases of the lung.

A little Home Made Remedy for You.

The main ingredients of this remedy pack a powerful effect. Primarily, you are going to need:

• 0.5 kilos of onions.
• 0.5 kg of brown sugar.
• 2 lemons.
• 6 cups of water.
• 7 honey tablespoons.


The preparation simply starts with the addition of brown sugar into a bowl (metal), where the bowl is placed on fire (medium). Slowly heat the bowl white stirring. After the sugar begins to darken, add in the water so moderate evaporation occurs, up until a third is left in the bowl. From there, let the mixture cool down after removal from the fire pan.

After cooling, add in the lemons and honey, then proceed to mix everything. Proceed to throw in the onion slice (chop them up), and then add everything into a glass bottle.

This remedy is to be taken 1 tablespoon at a time before the start of every mean, until the entire glass bottle is used up. Due to the ease of preparation, you really do not need to worry if you all up. Simply get the ingredients again, and make another bottle for use!