Maintaining a healthy diet means you have to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. This class of food contains a lot of nutrients, is beneficial to your health and safeguards our bodies from numerous health complications. Below are a list of benefits you can derive from fruits and vegetables:

Health Benefits you can derive from Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Bolsters Gastrointestinal Health

These vegetables and fruits are rich in water-absorbing fibres that are indigestible in the stomach. The fibres help ease irritable bowel syndrome and makes sure the bowels are stimulated to move at regular intervals. This in turn could help prevent constipation or allay it.

  1. Guards the body against cancer

The fruits and vegetables are rich in lycopene which is a type of carotenoid. Once this is in the body, the body changes it to vitamin A. Carotenoid is good in defence against cancer incliuding throat, prostate, mouth, lung and throat cancer.


  1. Lowers risk of High Blood Pressure

A high intake of fruits and vegetables can help reduce high blood pressure as they do not have saturated fat which clog blood vessels and thus result in high Blood Pressure.


  1. Protects against Cardiovascular Diseases

The more you consume vegetables and fruit, the more it builds defence against cardiovascular diseases in your body. It’s been discovered that those who consume a lot of vegetables and fruits are not prone to coronary heart disease, heart attack, or stroke.

It is quite sad that most fruits we consume are coated with substances ultimately dangerous to our health and thus dissipates the health benefits we could have derived from consuming them. It is worth mentioning that these substances are made from ingredients used in making oil for cars

A Brief fruit wax and its ingredients

A lot of farmers and manufacturers make use of fruit wax to coat their fruits in a bid to preserve them. First, the fruit is washed. Ordinarily, the washing process has removed the natural wax that covered the fruit. After this, they cover the fruit with petroleum-derived wax.

They often say that they are trying to make the fruit safe from bacteria, however, it is not the case. They are merely trying to make the fruits appear attractive and more colourful.

Additionally, this fruit wax abounds in dairy, gluten and soy allergens, anti-fungal elements and preservatives. To also make it colourful, they also add coloring and artificial dyes. The aforementioned substances are very harmful to human health, besides these dyes are known to cause cancer.

How can you prevent yourself from consuming these artificial fruit wax?

There are three simple ways with which you can prevent yourself from consuming these fruit wax. First, you could empty a jar of hot water on your fruit to know whether fruit wax has been applied to the fruit. Secondly, purchase the fruits in their season only. This way you’ll be certain that they are not coated with these harmful preservatives. Thirdly, patronize fruit producing or manufacturing brands known to use just organic wax and not the petroleum-derived wax.

You could patronise Syncera, Semper Fresh, and Tal-Prolong. These brands make use of only organic fruit wax got from wood resin, carnauba wax, and beeswax.

Source: Unknown Remedy