Aesthetic and health problem:

Cracked heels are an aesthetic problem, but if they are not treated, these cracks become deeper. You may feel pain because of dirt that was stored in them and can become infected.

Therefore, it is necessary to respond as quickly as possible. Thickening of the feet helps to reduce blood circulation and elasticity that occurs due to excess dead skin.

It can be removed using a pumice stone or a file. You can do this after having a shower or bath when the skin is soft. Dead skin cannot be removed with a sharp object as it may remove too much skin that leads to infection.

In order to take a break from treatment, foot needs to be nurtured after removing the dead skin. Use most useful and suitable creams. You can prepare different mind moisturizers, and various preparations etc at home.

Olive or coconut oil is very useful in the recovery of the skin. You need to apply it on foot in a circular motion and leave it for a while. Finally, take a foot bath by keeping olive oil, lime blossom or rosemary that helps in the circulation.

Always remember that cracked heels can lead to various problems. If you take proper care of your feet, they will become more beautiful and healthy as ever.


They are usually irregularly shaped, white, gray or yellow. Often, they will appear on the outside of the big toe or little toe as these areas are usually at greatest pressure. Corns between the toes are called soft corns as they do not harm and they are not hard as others.

Source: Dr. Green Body