We have been told by a man, about the difficulties and his fight against the most devastating disease of 21st Century, Cancer.

Read this post till end, as his story is source of courage and ray of hope for many.

“Back in the 2002, the doctors told me that I had benign brain tumour. Due to the seriousness of my disease they said they will operate me, and then I got admitted to “BLD – Sofia”. The neurosurgeons of BLD are one of the best neurosurgeons of the Bulgaria, and they operated me very well. My tumour was of 5 inches large, but the doctors removed it successfully.

Two years later, I got the same problem. This time, I got to know that the tumour was recurring again, and it had the exact size, as of the last time, doctors told me that I have to go through another operation. The medical staff of the hospital was using latest laser technology this time, they operated me well, everything went goof, but then.. I got paralysed,  my left hand and left leg were paralysed. After operation I got to know that this tumour was quite different from the last one.


Later I went through the oncology and radiotherapy, but that too was useless. The tumour grew once again, and thus I had to go through another operation. Then, they took me to the rehabilitation centre, and then the changing phase began. There, I met a person, who proved to be the life changer. He changed my life. He told me his story of having a kidney cancer, and how his surgery failed, and doctors told him that he is left with only 3, 4 months of his life.

Later on, a woman met him, she told him that there is a plant, which is actually used as a remedy. People use that plant which is called elderberry to cure their diseases. The plant grows near the rivers and canals, or in the deserts.  It give the fruit which is almost same like blueberry in color and size.

The time period for its growth is end of August or the beginning of September. Only well grown fruits has the properties to cure the diseases. The way to use it is that you pluck the elderberries from the plant, put them in a jar, in such a way, that there is one row of elderberries and one row of sugar, fill the jar this way. The jar should be placed open to sun so that it can ferment. After almost 14 days, before putting it in refrigerator seal the jar.

Make two jars, and they will be enough for your next year. All you have to do is take one teaspoon every day, in the morning, before breakfast, while having empty stomach.

My friend started this remedy, and now after 5 months he is still alive, living a good life. After his tests, and physical diagnosis, the reports revealed that no cancer was left in his body. He became an inspiration, I started taking this remedy. I spend two months picking elderberries, and preparing them. Then when my jars were ready I started taking one teaspoon in the morning, and now I am healthy and fine. Four years passed, since my last operation, and nothing happened, no symptoms of disease.

I started talking to people about the remedial side of elderberry, and when I discussed it with a doctor he said that his patient was cured the same way, she was the patient of breast cancer. Upon questioning about her medicines, the doctor told that she recovered only by using elderberries. Later on in the check-ups it was found that her cancer was no more.

Anyone can take elderberry while continuing their normal medicines without any problem Facts and results proved that elderberry is very useful, for your body’s resistance against the diseases, and it also saves you from many other diseases. The fruit which you are going to use should be soft and dark, or preferably black. It has a very strong taste, so you need to get used to, to take it on daily basis. You may get feelings of vomiting but you will get used to it and in the end you will start enjoying it. When you start, make sure you are near the toilet, because after few starting doses you will need toilet frequently.

Elderberry is very useful for flue also. It is also used by many healthy people just to keep their body resistant.

I pray and I wish health for all the people who are in some kind of sufferings or disease. Here my messages ends, and the final verdict of this story is that remedies are not expensive, they are simple, and useful, all we need is the right information about them.