Reflexology has recently gained popularity in the West as a legitimate medical practice, it is an ancient Chinese practice used in the treatment of various physical conditions.

It is ideal for calming down babies, being one of the most natural treatments. Babies cannot tell us what they want or what is troubling them, so crying is their natural reaction to physical pain. Reflexology is used to solve the problem naturally by finding out what is troubling your baby.

Babies Foot Guide for Reflexology

Babies respond to this unique natural practice more than the adults because they respond to physical touch more than the adults. Comforting babies is mostly done by rubbing their back, hugging or holding them especially if they are upset, thereby making reflexology the ideal treatment for them.

Pressing specific points on the body especially on the feet is the center to this natural practice, used to treat various types of health conditions related to their corresponding body part.


Babies’ heels are linked to their pelvic area. Postural problems or muscle tightness can be treated through reflexology on this part of their feet. By pressing their heels you help release the tension that has build up in the troubling pelvic area.


Sinuses are linked to the center of the baby’s feet area. the severity of various sinus issues like a runny nose, common cold etc can be reduced by just pressing the center of your their toes. This makes their symptoms more bearable rather than cure their illnesses.


Rubbing their toes when they experience problems connected to above their neck like the head or teeth or even an ear infection or some other health problem can also reduce their pain especially when they are teething.

Solar Plexus

Solar plexus is the complex group of nerves that can be found between the stomach and the lungs. Due to the number of nerve endings found in that location the exact reason of solar plexus pain cannot be fully determined. By pressing the upper area of the foot arch the area that touches the ground before the full foot, it can be treated


The arch which is at the top area of the foot is linked with the chest area. Congestion in the chest is relieved by applying pressure on the arc help treat chronic coughs or colds that might lead to the buildup of phlegm. Some studies have proved that this natural practice can successfully reduce all forms of congestion’

Upper & Lower Abdomen

The abdomen is linked to the entire arch of the foot. The upper abdomen is linked with the upper half of the arch and by pressing these points of their feet can treat various forms of digestive problems like bowel obstruction and heartburn etc. The lower abdomen is linked with the lower half of the arch and treatment of post-digestive problems can be treated by applying pressure on this area especially to treat constipation, bloating etc.

It is very important to note that reflexology is not a cure for some diseases. Proper medical attention is still very important and reflexology should not be used as a replacement for their treatment. If they are experiencing some serious health problem, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some conditions like congestion can be treated with this ancient practise and also the reduction of the pain and symptoms caused by certain issues. This natural practice can be used to comfort your baby during the periods of pain and stress.

Source: The Hearty Soul