Pain, stress and several other symptoms related to lifestyle problems can hinder you from leading a normal life. It can make you feel weak at times as well. However, it is not always possible to consult a doctor for relieving from the day-to-day problems. Therefore, if you want to lead a healthy and pain-free life, you can opt for acupressure and reflexology. Many people have been benefited with these techniques and you can also check them out.

What is Reflexology an Acupressure?

Acupuncture and acupressure follow the same principle, the only difference being, acupressure uses fingers while acupuncture uses needles for healing. The process does not require the intimidation factor for working.

Reflexology on the other hand uses therapeutic pressure massage in different parts of hand and feet to ensure that energy flows functionally. The process also helps in ensuring optimal health by offering complete relief from pain. Even though there are several other areas in the body, reflexology concentrates only on hand and feet as blockages in this area at times prevent energy flow needed for ensuring wellness as well as health.

Both processes separately can make miracle. However, if two of them are used together, you can get complete healing from different problems.

Headache and migraine

If you are frequently affected from headache and migraine, you just need to concentrate on your fingernails base. Give more focus to the index finger, along with the areas between index finger and thumb.


Pain and sinus pressure

To get relief from pain or pressure related to sinus, you just need to follow some simple tips. Face your palms toward your face and try to take the thumb close to the finger pad. At the same time, try to push the forefinger just on the opposite side toward the cuticle. Now, squeeze and hold the tip of each finger firmly for around three minutes. After that lightly massage the area and repeat the process for all fingers.


Pain and tension in neck

If you are suffering from stress related pain or tension in the neck, you need to start by massaging the middle section of your hand between knuckles and finger base. Repeating the process for all fingers will offer you instant relief from the condition.


Stomach upset

Start by warming up the whole thumb with a proper massage so that it makes some response to the spleen meridians and stomach. Thus, relieving the problem. You can also try pressing your palm’s center and get a soothing effect.


Sore Throat, cough or cold

One of the most common problems in adults as well as children can be avoided by massaging the whole thumb to make it warm. Concentrate more on the nail area so that tissues inside get the required pressure for curing the condition.


Fatigue and weakness

Start by massaging the whole hand using gentle pressure. Now, offer some pressure on the middle finger right after the nail. Also press the side of the nails close to the index finger and get relieved.


Abdominal pain or menstrual cramps

A common problem among women, especially teenagers can be dealt by massaging the hand gently and then by giving some pressure on the index finger point, right below the nail. To get the best result, you should select the area, which is closest to your thumb and press. Apart from this, you can also press directly on your little finger in the area close to the cuticle line.

Whatever be the choice for fingers, you should begin by massaging the hands for a steady energy flow and proper sensitivity. Also try to warm up your skin by gently massaging it. Now, press the area on which you want to focus and hold it for around five minutes. Do it everyday to stop the recurrence of this condition. In case of gentle areas, hold for around five seconds and start massaging slowly in a clockwise direction. Repeat it for five times and then release. Do not rub the tissues and then again press for a minute. Release and repeat the process for five times.

Also drink enough water to deal with the conditions and get better effect from massage. A hydrated body gets perfect circulation, improved tissue and complete toxic removal from blood.


A word of caution

Do not give deep pressure on hand web during pregnancy. There are areas, which can lead to contraction in the uterine areas. So, do not practice them if you do not have complete information about it. Also take the assistance of your doctor before proceeding.