Generally, this drink is 100% natural and it helps to wash our arteries from harmful chemicals, toxins and fats that can cause harm to us.

They also protect us from influenza, colds and remove infections that can affect the flow of blood; it also helps to clean the liver and reduces free radicals impacts.


  • 4 liters of Water
  • 8 units of lemon
  • Ginger root (4-5cm)
  • 8 garlic cloves

Preparation process:

You can start by peeling and washing the ginger. Slice it into tiny pieces and don’t forget to do the same thing with the garlic.

After slicing, cut the lemons along with their peel and add the items required in a blender and blend them together.

Then, get a clean pot and pour the liquid in it. You can go ahead and place the pot over medium heat and wait for it to steam.

Immediately the liquid starts to boil, take it away from the heat and allow it to get cool. Finally, remove the liquid and store it in a bottle or glass jar.

Try and drink the liquid everyday especially 2 hours before taking your meal.

Finally, after some time, you will observe the unbelievable changes! You can share this material so that everybody can see it before it gets removed forever!

Source: Be Extra Healthy Now