Lives of humans have not been easier since the past histories. They have faced many ups and downs at every step of their survival. Attack of diseases has been a very frequent among humans these days along with poverty and severe hunger. Such cases probably are not an addiction to them. But unfortunately, certain drinks exist within the society in reality which has eventually become an addiction to lives. This drink popularly known as Mountain Dew has been a colored drink with amounts of sugar present in it.

Today almost half of the entire population consumes the drink on a regular basis. Recognition of this drink was quite a decade ago. Surprisingly Ally and Barney have given birth to this sugary tasted drink. In the present decade, the rate of consumption of Mountain Dew has raised to a greater heights. Though people take the drink happily but yet they remain unaware of the side effects of this drink.

Negativities of Mountain Dew:

Usually, the effects of Dew have tremendously been noticed attacking around the mouth side of a consumer. It destroys the tooth. This happens for the excessive presence of the acidic property. Genuinely it has been suggested people to careful with batteries as they contain acids in them. Thus, the same has been recommendable in case of a Mountain Dew. National Institute of Health has recorded a great statistical group of the infected crowd.

Usually, the bottles holding the drinks are unfit for your body as they contain amounts of BPA in them. Thus consuming such deadly drinks may inject symptom of cancer, heart diseases, thyroid issues and pancreas changes.

Advertising contribution towards the drink:

An advertisement plays a very crucial role in the marketing of a particular product. It’s the catchy titles containing a phrase which probably makes a person purchase the product. Mountain Dew certainly follows its quotation of “Game Fuel” in order to attract the minds of customers. Usually, gamers spend their half of the gaming hours in drinking Mountain Dew. Thus, reports have stated it to be certainly a nonstop addiction. This addiction has been serious for player’s health.

Certainly even the brand ambassador Pepsi has proved this drink to be unfit for consumption with just a small testing of mouse-dissolving. Thus, the formulation of jelly has made the reports against the drink.

Ingredients usage:

Certainly the drink uses GMO soy, corn, sodium benzoate, BPA, etc. in it. These are perfect combinational ingredients for destroying human’s body internally. Though the company approves of its ingredients yet, they are unfit.

This drink has been one of the silent killing drinks that certainly cause obesity and cancer. Thus, one need’s to fight against the corporation institutes to stop permitting such drinks within markets.


Image Source: The Huffington Post

Source: Losing Weight Done