Many individuals suffer from diabetes and hypertension because of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. To fight this lifestyle related diseases what is the solution?

Raspberry is said to cure such lifestyle related diseases. It is a not grainy fruit, but is a set of about a number of juicy and small berries. The fruit grows in vertical branches that are covered with spines. Yet another feature about Raspberry is that it is a perennial plant. The leaves, fruits and roots of raspberry have medicinal attributes.

The stalks of the raspberry plant are used to prepare tea. Such beverages are a good remedy for cold and flu, breathing difficulties. They also help to regulate the blood sugar levels. The leaves of the plant are used to cure high blood pressure.

Regular drinking of tea prepared from the raspberry leaves helps to cure and prevent a wide range of diseases.

The health conscious individuals also require engaging in physical activities, exercises in order to keep the diseases like diabetes at bay. Also, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is very important for the health. In the diet, an individual requires to incorporate the food items that are rich in nutrients and that helps to stay healthy and contributes to the overall growth and development of the body, mind.

Source: Cuisine and Health