Toxins are everywhere in today’s environment. Hey are in the air, foods, electronics, and even devices that we in cleaning! Additionally, toxins are natural formed in the body, mainly coming in the form of free radicals. Stress hormones develop as a result of anxiety, negative emotions, and emotional disturbances, which are everywhere in our highly busy societies.

Naturally, toxins are removed through means such as sweating, urination, and crying. Any liquid that is released from the body naturally aids in this cleansing process. Regardless of those cleansing mechanisms, we still do experience many health problems. In essence, the body’s natural detox mechanisms aren’t enough, causing us to experience a toxin overload.

It could even be said that the majority of body sicknesses come from built up toxins in the body. Health problems that come as a result include extreme fatigue, autoimmune issues, digestion issues, pains, allergies, and even skin problems.

Learning how to further induce detoxification in the body will further reduce the instances of illnesses. This is something you can easily find online. The internet can be considered a storehouse for remedies on dealing with body toxins.

Regardless, there are certain protocols you need to follow for the detoxification process. You must first focus on cleaning your body’s major organs, such as the colon, liver, and small intestine. Your colon and kidneys specifically carry the largest amounts of waste in your body. Your colon carries leftover digested food, while the kidneys clean toxins and add them to urine.

Instead of going through complex and expensive programs for detoxing, we’ve decided to show you a weekend plan for detoxing that can be easily started at home. It’s a natural remedy, which means that it’s something you can make quick and on the fly. It has powerful effects, where you’ll definitely enjoy the results.

Weekend Detoxification Plan

The plan starts with ¼ liter of warm water right after you wake up. This isn’t an ingredient, but it’s something you drink at the start of the day. You should then follow this plan.


Breakfast:  1 oat flakes cup, and 1 spoon of linseed. ½ cup of fresh blueberries. ¼ liter of green tea or Greek Yogurt. 1/5 liter of almond milk or diet yogurt.

Snack: 180ml of yogurt ¼ liter of water, 1 apple, ¼ of a cup of pumpkin seeds.

Lunch:  ¼ liter water, ¼ liter grilled hake, olive oil and Swiss chard, in addition to a potato. 2 salad cups (tomato, green, arugula). A small banana and a melon slice.

Dinner:  2 salad cups (add in olive oil and lemon juice), ½ cup spinach and broccoli (steamed), spinach and celery smoothie, 1 apple and 1 banana, ¼ liter of water, and anise tea.


Breakfast: 1 oat flakes cup, 1/5 liter of almond milk or diet yogurt, a spoon of linseed, green tea, a pair.

Snack: grapefruits

Lunch: ¼ liter of water, 1/5 gram of grilled chicken, 150g of pickles, a vegetable soup (beans, peppers carrots, potato, celery, onion).

Dinner: another green smoothie (ingredients are almonds, berries, bananas, spinach, cucumber, and kale). Eat with carrots and beets. Drink nettle tea and lemon juice along.