Kidney is amongst the most important major organs in the body. It needs to be well taken care so as to protect one from the painful experience that those having kidney disease undergo. Some of the kidney diseases include kidney stones, kidney failure among others. In case of a kidney disease, a kidney either reduces its efficiency or even completely stops to function. A patient with chronic kidney disease can still survive for a long time without dying. This is unlike the situation with an acute kidney disease that comes with only one agenda; to kill.

All the blood in your body has to pass through the kidneys so as to be purified. Toxins, majorly urea and ammonia are then sieved out of the nephrons into the urinary bladder and then expelled as urine. Poor diet is therefore the main cause of kidney failure. This is because what we eat is assimilated into the blood thereby moving into the kidney for purification. Seizures, swollen body parts, nausea, high blood pressure, decreased amount of urine, gout, diabetes, obesity and eating diets that are rich in purines can always be risk factors for kidney failure. Drinking less water is also a cause of kidney failure.

The first thing you will have to do when you have kidney failure is to rehydrate the body and by extension the kidney. Drink the recommended amount of water per day mixed with baking soda. The way to go about this is by taking your body weight and dividing it with a constant 20 and you will get the number of litres of water you ought to drink per day. Avoid any thing that is known to dehydrate the body. These include alcohol, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, foods and drinks that are very rich in crystalline sugar and salt among others.

Treating the above mentioned disease will also reverse kidney failure. Stop using products that causes all the above infections as well. There are natural products that will cure the lifestyle diseases above. It would be better to do it the natural way as this brings about a more permanent solution to your problem. Eat a lot of fruits, grains and vegetables and you will reverse most of the above diseases. Research proves that people having a vegetarian diet generally have a low blood pressure. They also have an alkaline system unlike those on animal products who have an acidic system. Diseases such as gout, cancer and others will not survive in an alkaline environment thus baking soda are ideal to use; you can also take plant products and reverse kidney failure.

Do not eat more than the daily recommended amount of protein. Too much protein overtaxes the liver since this is the nutrient that is removed most by the kidney. Eat foods rich in vitamin B complex as they are known to aid in protein elimination from the body.

Source: Health And Love Page